Far Infrared Body Wrap Works

The Far Infrared Body Wrap System is a deep heat treatment that utilizes the body's natural cooling process to stimulate the metabolism.

To stimulate and maintain this natural metabolic cooling process over a 60-minute session requires the body to use energy. The effect is similar to undertaking a vigorous workout but without any lung or muscle load. As such each IBW treatment can help with:

  • Providing pain relief from arthritis or sports injuries
  • Relief from symptoms of Fibromyalgia
  • Total body detoxification
  • Body reshaping and weight-loss
  • Improving well being

The implications are that Far Infrared heat applied directly to the body will allow between 970-1460 kcal to be sweated off in a 60-minute session.
Targeting specific body shaping, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and a better overall sense of enhanced wellbeing is exactly what you are seeking, and you will find that in the IBW.

Benefits of the Infrared Body Wraps (IBW)
Benefits of the IBW and the FAR infrared heat are many, including increasing metabolism, resulting in weight loss, body contouring, fat and inch loss, and the improved appearance of cellulite, while pain relief, stress management, detoxification and skin rejuvenation are also targeted by the infrared heat. Addressing all of these trouble-areas with one treatment system is an advantage only the IBW can offer.

$75 | 1hr
Pkg of 10 | $500